What to Know About Document Envelopes

When mailing important documents such as invoices and packing lists, choosing the one-size-fits-all approach to select envelopes might lead to damage to or loss of the documents. Document envelopes (made out of Kraft paper) are designed to protect documents more effectively than ordinary envelopes because of their substantial thickness. They can also be used to accommodate magazines, booklets, catalogs, and brochures.

What to Know About Document Envelopes

Types of Document Envelopes

Depending on the types of documents you want to mail, there are different types of envelopes to choose from:

Packing List Enclosed Envelopes

These envelopes are used when shipping products to customers. They are used by the logistics department and are usually fixed to the packaged goods. They contain a detailed list of the shipping content to avoid confusion over items received. Customers can check orders against the list enclosed to confirm the contents to their satisfaction.

Invoice Enclosed Envelopes

As the name suggests, these envelopes are used to mail invoices and delivery notes to clients. Invoice enclosed envelopes ensure the safety and secure transportation of details regarding all forms of business transactions while simplifying communication between the distributor and client.

Documents Enclosed Envelopes

These ensure the integrity and confidentiality of important legal documents are preserved. Document enclosed envelopes protect the documents from the elements and access by unauthorized personnel.

Advantages of Document Envelopes

The advantages offered by document envelopes over regular envelopes are night and day.

Powerful Adhesive

The strong adhesive at the back of the envelopes firmly secures the documents contained. They also, hold fast to the outer side of packages minimizing loss.

Tough Material

The durable Kraft paper used to make these envelopes ensure the protection of important documents even if they get mishandled.

Bold and Clear Statement

The bold and clear text printed on the envelopes makes it easy to identify and establish their contents without any difficulties.

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