Uses of Kraft Paper in a Restaurant

Environmentally sound and brown in color, Kraft paper, also known as sack paper, is a wonderful alternative to normal paper in any industry. Its porous quality, high elasticity, and high tear resistance make it an excellent packaging choice. Made from softwood pulp by the Kraft process, the long fibers are what contribute to its strength.

Uses of Kraft Paper in a Restaurant

Ways in which Kraft Paper is used in Restaurants

Its rise as a favorite in the consumer goods market is because it is a non-plastic, hazard-free paper.

  1. Owing to the lack of plastics in this particular type of paper, most food handling companies love using it to wrap food and the outer packing of food as it provides a greener and cleaner alternative to normal paper.
  2. The strength and durability of Kraft paper have made many kitchens opt to use it, as the material is not easily porous, except for leakages and spills. 
  3. The versatility of Kraft paper can be used for branding purposes by printing your restaurant’s logo and contact information on the packing bags used in take-away food orders or the doggy bags clients use to take home food.
  4. Also used for wrapping fragile items like crockery, pottery, and glasses either for storage until needed or when said items are in freight and shipping. It provides an affordable layer of protection at a fraction of the cost other alternative products offer while ensuring your fragile goods reach their destination in one perfect piece.
  5. Kraft paper in restaurants can also be used in packing foods by acting as a void filler for keeping the food in its place and avoiding bursting up once the package is opened. This is especially true as bubble wrap may not be hygienic for use in food.

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