Tape & Dispensers: Types and Benefits

The tape dispenser market is gradually expanding, gaining attention in commercials and offices. Tape dispensers are utilized in packaging and various industries globally. As an established provider of shipping and packaging products, XL Supply recognizes the importance of tape dispensers, and a variety of them are available for purchase.

Tape & Dispensers: Types and Benefits

Types of Tape Dispensers

There are five types of tape dispensers offered in the market today. They include:

Multi-roll tape dispenser

Different tapes have different purposes in the industry. With multi-roll tape dispensers, electrical tapes, masking tapes, colored tapes, and pressure-sensitive tapes are all available in this tape dispenser. These are portable and ideal for many users and small projects that need flexibility.

Carousel-style tape dispenser

The powered tape dispenser allows you to cut tape, thus reclaiming your time. This maximizes the taping efforts making work more accessible. Carousel-style tape dispensers are ideal in specialty packaging, craft work, and wire harnessing.

Definite length tape dispenser

This tape dispenser gives you measuring features along with powered tape cutting. The precise length of tape you need is guaranteed with the touch of a button, saving time and avoiding disappointments.

Kraft tape dispenser

When shipping orders, security is a matter of concern. With this type of tape dispenser, the adhesive tape is burdensome to get rid of without leaving a mark behind. The water-activated tape has to be wet and cut to be removed. These are ideal for eCommerce businesses that need automation.

Hand-held tape dispenser

Hand-held tape dispensers have been in use for decades. They speed up the building and sealing of shipping boxes and let you stage the box sealing tape and wrap it around the roller. This reduces the tendency to lose the end of the tape. Hand-helds are ideal for projects that need mobility.

Benefits of Using Tape Dispensers

There are many benefits to using tape dispensers instead of regular rolls of tape. They include:

  •  Faster packaging speed
  •  Guaranteed consistency in packaging
  • Reduced product waste
  • Guaranteed package security

With XL Supply, you can get a wide array of high-quality tape dispensers for your packaging needs at affordable prices. Contact us today for more information on our products and services. We would love to hear from you!

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